The Real Dirty Jerseys

Dirty Jerseys will be a coffee table book documenting some of the best known and most recognisable attire in mountain biking. Each page will contain images of the rider’s kit along with a blow by blow account of what happened to them on the day they were wearing that particular jersey. Interspersed in the pages will be spreads guaranteed to jerk your memory back into life, such as the famous series leaders examples you see below.

The book will contain tales not only from the sport’s giants, the men and women that made a name for themselves in the pioneering days of off road racing, but also the grass roots racers. The riders that turn out every weekend to pursue their hobbies and dreams will get a chance to line up alongside the Thomas Frischknechts and Ned Overends of mountain bike racing, if only on some nice glossy paper.

Keep it Dirty!