Mint Sauce 'We Happy Few' A2 Poster

The World's No.1 Mountain Biking sheep! 

Mint Sauce is the mountain biking icon hatched from the brain of Sussex-based artist Jo Burt.  The ovine biker and his cohorts are brought to the world via the pages of Mountain Biking UK magazine and have a home in the hearts of many an empathetic mtber who knows only too well the trials and tribulations (and scabby knees) of our great sport. 

Mint has become such a part of the UK mtb landscape that, well, UK landscapes tend to look like Mint Sauce illustrations. When you are driving down the motorway on a sunny day and see blue sky and puffy clouds perhaps, like us, you think of sheep!


 Donations from each sale will go to Cancer Research UK. #forjenn 


Printed on A2 heavyweight 250gsm silk paper, the poster contains the Mint mugshot and the inscription 'We few, we happy few, we flock of brothers'. It is shipped in a heavyweight cardboard tube. 



Price is £25 to the UK and £30 International and includes all taxes and standard shipping. 


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Mint Sauce Poster

Mint Sauce A2 limited Edition poster