Tour de France 'Keep on Trucking' A2 Poster

A minor detour from the dirt and fresh from this year's Tour is this abstract art featuring some of the colourful team buses that fill the race paddock. I shot all the images at the Individual time trial stage 13 in Pau and all on one lens. These aren't crops! Each poster is printed on 250 gsm silk paper and bears the Geoff Waugh Photos stamp, date and signature. This is a limited first run of 50 posters so don't miss out on a reminder of one of the best Tours de France for many a year. 


Price is £40 shipped standard delivery to anywhere in the world. 


Frames are for viewing purposes only and not included. 


NOTE: Tracked shipping is available if ordering for a date deadline - birthday gift etc.  Please refer to drop down menu. 


EXTRA NOTE: There seems to be a glitch between Paypal and iOS - if you cannot purchase on your phone through a Social Media channel link please get in touch and we can sort. Alternatively, purchase through a browser. 

Tour de France 'Truckin'

A2 Tour de France Poster